1964 Reissue Amplifiers

Supro’s 1964 Reissue amplifiers are faithful recreations of the legendary Chicago-made combos of the mid-60s. From the vintage correct cabinetry and Blue Rhino Hide Tolex to the custom made transformers, proprietary USA-built speakers and original Supro circuitry, every element of the 1964 reissue line was made from scratch to re-create the look, tone and feel of these iconic American tube amplifiers.

6973 based models (15 Watts – 24 Watts)


25W | 1 x 10 | Verb | Trem

The 1622RT Tremo-Verb is a feature-rich update to the coveted late-60’s Supro 1 × 10 combo platform.


24W | 1 x 12 | Trem

The “Dual-Tone” 1 × 12 combo amplifier is the undeniable rock star of the mid 60’s Supro amplifier lineup.

Saturn Reverb

15W | 1 x 12 | Verb | Trem

The 1648RT Saturn Reverb amplifier is a future-retro amplifier designed for the working player who needs a lightweight, vintage-flavored amp with world-class tube reverb.

Neptune Reverb

25W | 2 x 12 | Verb | Trem

Supro USA presents the 1685RT Neptune Reverb amplifier. This 25W, 2×12 combo amp was created as a loud, clear answer to the Fender Twin and Vox AC-30.

6L6 based models (35 Watts – 60 Watts)

Rhythm Master

35/45/60W | 1 x 15 | Verb | Trem

For those players who love the huge, bold sound of the 1 × 15” Thunderbolt amp, but need a lush, all-tube reverb to fill out their sound.

Royal Reverb

35/45/60W | 2 x 10 | Verb | Trem

The 1650RT Royal Reverb has the cleanest sound of any amp in the Supro line.


35W | 1 x 15

S6420 Thunderbolt—Two knobs and the TRUTH! The legendary 1964 “Blue Rhino Hide” Supro Thunderbolt is back.


35W | 2 x 10 | Trem

The 1690T Coronado is our top-of-the-line 1964 reissue Supro tube amplifier.