Supro stompboxes are hand-assembled in Port Jefferson, NY, USA. These state-of-the-art pedals feature custom-tooled, anodized, brushed-aluminum enclosures, 9V battery or AC-powered operation, rear-mounted metal jacks, easy-access side-mounted battery drawer, noiseless (click-free) true-bypass switching and unique, expression pedal functionality.


Emulates a Class-A Supro amp from end to end, with a real Output Transformer.


With Fuzz Face dynamics, Big Muff sustain and Tone Bender harmonics, the Supro Fuzz is your tonal Swiss Army knife.


Supro Boost is a “clean” pre-amp ideally suited to pushing the front end of a tube amp with up to 20db of boost.


The Supro Tremolo is designed to recreate two of the most desirable vacuum tube based modulation effects found in American amplifiers of the 1960’s.