A guide to the all-tube front-end options available within the Supro Amplifier range.

Single Channel with High & Low Inputs

Two Knobs and The Truth! Based on the preamp of the original Supro Thunderbolt, this single-tube masterpiece provides tremendous amounts of gain, and a surprisingly flexible single-knob tone control. High & Low inputs offer different levels of sensitivity to accommodate any type of pickup.

Two Independent Channels, with Tremolo

Based on the control layout found on the majority of the mid-60’s Supro Combo amplifiers, this preamp offers the ability to plug in two instruments with single-knob tone control for each channel. Plugging a single instrument into the 1+2 input automatically links both channels for twice the gain and signal power. A simple A/B/Y switch allows this preamp to be used like a traditional channel-switching amp, with the added benefit of being able to run both channels in parallel.

Single Channel with 2-Band EQ, Reverb and Tremolo

The Supro Reverb platform is the result of a design collaboration between Vibro-King Master Bruce Zinky and Supro House Engineer Thomas Elliott. This all-tube luxury channel provides ample headroom for use with pedals; wide-range treble and bass EQ knobs; and enormous all-tube reverb, which feeds into the final output stage tremolo.