Electric Guitars

The Island Series guitars are updated, high-performance instruments based on the Supro Ozark.

The Americana Series guitars are replicas of the early 60’s Supro “reso-glass” instruments.

Tube Amplifiers

Classic Series amps are inspired by the tones, construction and cosmetics of the iconic Supro amps from the late 1950’s.

Supro 1964 Reissue amps are faithful recreations of the legendary Chicago-made combos of the mid-60s.


Supro Boost is a “clean” pre-amp ideally suited to pushing the front end of a tube amp, delivering up to 20db of J-FET boost plus optional HP and LP filtering.

The Supro Fuzz uses a mix of N.O.S. Germanium transistors and matched silicon pairs to get Fuzz Face dynamics, Big Muff sustain and Tone Bender harmonics.

The Supro Drive is a groundbreaking analog pedal that re-creates the circuitry of a Supro tube amp, from end to end, including an actual output transformer.

The Supro Tremolo is an analog stompbox designed to recreate two of the most desirable vacuum tube based modulation effects found in vintage American amplifiers.